Versatility or Volatility? Defensive Flexibility’s Fine Line

It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean...or...something.

One of the first talking points around the 2018 Cardinals centered on versatility. We’ve discussed it since the end of 2017 – how to accommodate José Martínez’s bat, the alignment of Matt Carpenter, keeping Jedd Gyorko active…the list goes on. Then, spring training gives us the emergence of Yairo Muñoz, a defensive chameleon (though his bat has yet to make the trip from Jupiter to St. Louis). Suddenly, Depth Charts projections have seven core Cardinal position players logging PAs at two or more spots on the field, with five registering at three or more...

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José Martínez Has Changed His Approach

In the era of strikeouts and launch angle, Cafecito is patiently aiming for the gap

José Martínez is a man comprised of many captivating stories. His ten-year journey through the minors has often been given the spotlight, winning a minor league batting title and still not earning a call-up to the show. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Derrick Goold recently gave insight to Martínez’s personal life in an excellent piece detailing his love of his late father and his struggle to get his young son a visa to see Martínez play. To say his defense has been rough would be a bit of an understatement, with his -5 DRS at first base ranking dead last in the majors. For a moment, though, let’s ignore the times we’ve winced as Cafecito failed to make the play at first and instead focus on the fact that the man can flat-out hit baseballs...

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When Writers Get Weary and Fans Feel Fatigued

The language we use is more important than ever

I took a course in my first semester of undergrad that focused on rhetorical analysis. I didn’t know that was the subject matter for which I’d registered; it was one of many first-year seminar options with course descriptions written like TED Talk titles and it caught my eye. It’s turned out to be one of my most-used subjects in my daily life. Throughout that course, I was taught about the importance of rhetoric—the art of speaking or writing effectively, and the compositional techniques and figures of speech used to do so—mainly regarding the way the writer’s narrative and word choices shape the tone of a piece...

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